Our policies reflect our objectives as a charity and ensure that our work aims to achieve our vision in a range of different areas. They are regularly reviewed and updated where necessary, a process that is currently underway. The visions for the major areas of our work are as follows:

Our vision for access and recreation is:-
a landscape that provides a wide variety of sustainable recreational opportunities which are appropriate to their location, do not cause irreparable harm on or affect the quiet enjoyment of other users of the countryside or its special qualities, or local communities, and are easily accessible to all sectors of society.

Our vision for energy is:-
a sustainable energy policy that optimises the use of renewable energy sources, reduces energy consumption and  ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions, minimises the use of non-renewable power sources and the production of waste, and enhances landscape character.

Our vision for housing is:-
ensuring that genuine local housing needs are met through making the best use of the existing stock of accommodation, improving the mix of tenure options, providing new housing at affordable prices and better, sustainably constructed, buildings.

Our vision for land management is:-
a sustainable farming and land management system which is part of a wider rural economy, maintains the natural beauty of the landscape, gives encouragement to re-wilding principles, contributes to a vibrant, prosperous and diverse countryside and healthy communities, and delivers a range of public benefits.

Our vision for minerals and waste is:-
minimisation of the extraction of primary mineral/stone by rigorous assessment of the need for supplies, maximisation of the re-use of existing/secondary materials and minimisation of wastage through more efficient extraction processes.

Our vision for planning is:-
an innovative, inclusive planning system which promotes sustainable patterns and types of development, meets the social and economic needs of the community and enhances local landscape character and people’s quality of life.

Our vision for tourism is:
a sustainable tourism industry in the Lake District and Cumbria which places the natural environment first, benefits the economy and local communities, adopts good practice and high standards, and enables people to enjoy the special qualities of the area without long-term detriment to them.

Our vision for transport is:-
a Cumbrian landscape in which people choose to travel using a high quality, fully integrated transport system. Roads, signs and lighting are designed to be sensitive to the landscape, often adding to the quality of public spaces. Traffic is routed to reduce disturbance, and there is a network of quieter rural roads and villages.


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